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Syncussion SY-1 MIDI by Michigan Synth Works

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Estimated stock date 05-08-2024

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The Michigan Synth Works SY-1 Drum synth is a full size, exact replica of the Pearl SY-1 Syncussion. Every detail has been replicated from the original board layouts to the mechanical construction.

The assembled version has been modernized to use current manufacturing processes while still using the original board layouts and all parts have been carefully chosen to match the behavior of the original.


  • Replica of the Pearl Syncussion SY-1
  • Two-voice drum synthesizer
  • Five different sound generation modes plus noise
  • Each voice with controls for Tune, Decay, Sweep Amount, Sweep Speed, Sweep Up/Off/Down, LFO Amount, LFO Shape (triangle or square), Sample/Hold
  • Can be controlled via drum trigger/V-trig
  • Inputs: Trig 1+2, MIDI In, Mute, Tune 1,2 CV In
  • Outputs: 1+2
  • 16 Tigger levels controlled by MIDI Velocity (Plugging a jack into the trigger input will override the MIDI generated trigger)
  • 4 Octave pitch: pitch CV functions as an offset to the Pitch slider
  • MIDI Pitchbend
  • Modwheel to Filter frequency: 4V (50%) possible modulation range to filter frequency as an offset to the filter frequency slider.
  • MIDI Learn

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