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Cascadia White Fog by Intellijel

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A deep and flexible semi-modular mono synth, it was developed by a team of veteran synth aficionados to be the realization of their collective dream. It is a synthesist’s synthesizer, a well-considered, finely-honed, stand-alone instrument capable of both nuance and bombast.

You are never more than a slider away from turning sweet into raucous, or a patch cable removed from corrupting the virtuous into the wicked.


  • Performance-oriented, "East and West" Coast modern analog semi-modular synthesizer
  • 101 jacks (plus 10 on rear), 34 sliders, 16 knobs, 28 switches, 36 leds and 5 push buttons
  • Two precision analog VCOs (VCOA has TZ-FM with INDEX VCA, PWM and SOFT/HARD sync options)
  • Eurorack compatible signal levels
  • Liquid-sounding, cascaded 4-Pole multimode filter with extensive modulation options and unique modes
  • ENV A: Versatile ADSR / AHDSR envelope generator with HOLD function and dynamic level/time control
  • ENV B: Complex, beat syncable, multimode function generator with Envelope, LFO, and Burst generator modes
  • Triple analog LFO with linked, divisible rates and CV control
  • Comprehensive and precise MIDI to CV and GATE implementation with additional synced/tapped LFO and CLOCK outputs
  • Six channel waveform mixer with asymmetric soft clipping
  • Extensive utility section that includes Noise, S&H, Envelope Follower, Attenuverter, Buff Mults, Summer, Inverters, and connection to a digital potentiometer based guitar pedal expression control interface.
  • Analog ring modulator
  • Parallel “West Coast” style wavefolder
  • Auxiliary VCA and 4-Pole Diode Ladder VCF combination for additional dynamics
  • External effect send/return loop with line or guitar pedal levels and wet/dry mix
  • Global output drive circuit with bypassable asymmetric soft clipping
  • Balanced 1/4" line inputs and outputs plus a dedicated headphone output
  • Very Compact (fits in a backpack) and durable powder-coated enclosure with bespoke oak wood sides.
  • Comes with 14 assorted patch cables, USB-A to USB-C cable, and an international power supply.

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