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The GRP A1 is the compact variant into the world of GRP, well known for high build-quality and a well thought-out design.


  • Compact synth in well known GRP-quality
  • One VCO-design with pulse width modulation
  • OSC waveforms sawtooth, square, triangle, sub-OSC and noise
  • 18dB ladder lowpass filter with distortion and keytracking
  • Two LFOs with six waveforms each with symmetry control of sawtooth and square as well as sample & hold with random waveform (LFO 1) and three-stage speed control
  • ADSR envelope for volume/VCA with three-stage speed control and "drone mode" (like on the Roland SH2 i.e.)
  • 12 patch points for VCO, LFOs, filter, pulse width, volume/VCA and envelope as well as External-In

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