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Hades Re by Dreadbox

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Hades with its huge sounding Oscillator, is a long awaited reissue for its loaded, dark and deep sounds, making it the mightiest Analog Bass Synthesizer.


  • Full analog synth, faithful reproduction of the Hades ( produced through 2014-2016 - was limited only to 1000 units at the time)
  • Can be used as a standalone unit or as a Eurorack module , 42HP sized
  • Powered by a simple USB adapter for maximum portability and energy efficiency
  • 1 x VCO with 2 sub octaves
  • 2 x waveforms with PW control
  • 3-pole resonating low pass filter
  • OTA distortion
  • 1 AD/RS envelope generator and 1 AR, drastically improved from the original version
  • Triangle wave LFO with a very wide frequency range
  • Special internal Bass boost circuit will make this the ultimate bass engine
  • 11 patch points
  • CV outs: Envelope, LFO, Modulation wheel, 1v/ocv
  • CV ins: PW, filter CUT off, VCA, CV, GATE

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